Speaker Spotlight
Speaker Spotlight

Speaker Spotlight

Listen to Emily Symmes, 2023 Expo speaker, discuss the basics of vine mealybug (VMB) in grapes on the Sustainable Winegrowing Podcast.

Symmes says her interest in farming was borne out of her love of being outdoors and observing nature - the ecological interactions between plants and insects led her to discover the field of entomology. Obtaining degrees in entomology from UC-Riverside and UC-Davis, she maintained focus on the principles of IPM and how these can be used to improve agriculture.

Don’t miss Emily Symmes’ session at the 2023 Sustainable Ag Expo!
November 14 @ 3:30: Waves of Innovation in Virus Vector Disruption: Where We Stand in the Fight Against Vine Mealybug

View the full program HERE.

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