Online Program

Online Program


For 2023, we offered 13 online courses with your 2-day Sustainable Ag Expo Ticket.
Courses closed November 20, 2023 for CE reporting.


Online Approved CE Hours:

DPR: 9.5 hours (including 1 hour Laws & Regs)
CCA: 13 hours

Included Courses in 2023:

Update on Vineyard Autonomous Equipment (CCA 1 - PD)

Michael Miiller - CAWG, Director of Government Relations

Nematodes affecting winegrapes: Biology and Management (CCA 1 - IPM)

Dr Inga Zasada, USDA ARS

Deterring Pest Birds in Vineyards Using Teams of Tethered Drones (DPR 1 - O; CCA 1 - IPM)

Dr. Zi Hao Wang - University of Sydney, Australia\

Biological Control of the Glassywinged Sharpshooter and Pierce's Disease (DPR 1 - O; CCA 1 - IPM)

Dr. David Morgan - CDFA

Carbon Planning: How to Apply Accurate and Precise Data to Inform Carbon Offset Strategies,
Support Climate-Related Reporting, and Enhance Sustainability Practices (CCA 1 - S)

Adam Koeppel - Agrology, CEO

Compost Tea as a Tool in Integrated Management of Powdery Mildew (DPR 1 - O; CCA 1 - IPM)

Dr. Annemiek Schilder - UCCE Ventura

Biopesticides - The Ultimate Team Players in Sustainable Pest Management Systems (DPR 1 - O; CCA 1 - IPM)

Michael Brownbridge, Ph.D. - Bioworks

Current Status of the Winegrape Market (CCA 1 - PD)

Jeff Bitter - Allied Grape Growers, President

Developing New Technologies to Control Viruses in the Vineyard (DPR 1 - O; CCA 1 - IPM)

Luca Brillante - Fresno State

Integrated Management of Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus 3 (GLRaV-3) in Vineyards: Challenges and Opportunities (DPR 1 - O; CCA 1 - IPM)

Maria Zumkeller - Lange Twins Winery

How Barn Owls Can Contribute to Integrated Management of Rodent Pests in Vineyards (DPR 1 - O; CCA 1 - IPM)

Dr. Matthew Johson - Cal Poly Humboldt

Making Sense of Sensors: The Future of Vineyard Disease Detection (DPR 1 - O; CCA 1 - CM)

Dr. Katie Gold - Cornell University

Top 10 Pesticide Violations & QAL License Requirement Updates (DPR 1 - L; CCA 1 - PD)

Laura Ramage - San Luis Obispo Agriculture Commissioner's Office


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