Online Program

Online Program


This year we are offering 5 online courses when you register for the Sustainable Ag Expo. Courses will be available from October 17 - November 30. More details will be announced soon. 


Included Courses:


The Use of Sheep in Vineyards

Frank Arburua III |  Kelly Mulville | Charlie Hamilton | Rob Rutherford

International Pesticide and MRL Policies

Alinne Oliveira

Designing Areawide Control for Mealybugs and the Leafroll Pathogens

Dr. Kent Daane

Irrigation in Vineyards - Presentation in Spanish

Aysha Peterson

California’s Climate Smart Agriculture Grant Programs for Farmers

Tessa Salzman

Once you register for the Sustainable Ag Expo, you will find your online courses here. If you are having trouble, please contact Danielle.

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