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Looking for the latest viticulture and technology from the world's top experts? The Sustainable Ag Expo brings together researchers and growers so you can earn continuing education hours and improve your business all while connecting with peers and agriculture companies.


Research and innovations in viticulture and ag business are constantly evolving, making it challenging to stay up to date with the latest practices. By attending the Sustainable Ag Expo, you will walk away with practical information that you can put to work for your business.

The Sustainable Ag Expo is a multi-day seminar and tradeshow that provides an opportunity for farmers, ag professionals, and pest control advisors to learn about the latest in farming research, resource issues, and business trends related to sustainable agriculture.

Brought to you by Vineyard Team, the event allows Business Members to exhibit and network directly with upper-level agricultural decision-makers who represent over 225,000 acres of row crop, vineyard, and orchard operations.

Could your business benefit by implementing findings from the latest research in agriculture and business?

When you attend the Sustainable Ag Expo, you will:



2-Day Plus Online Member 

2-Day Plus Online Non-Member 1-Day

Before 11/10/23

$445 $545 $225
After 11/10/23 $495 $595 $275

Best management practices, laws, and technology are always changing. Vineyard Team wants to provide the resources you need in order to conduct your agricultural practices in ways that are true to the latest information in the field.

When you attend the Sustainable Ag Expo, you will have the opportunity to attend in-person seminars by top experts in the field of agricultural business, and experienced growers who have confronted challenges and attained successes in viticulture.

“Farming is hard. It’s a huge benefit to be part of a community of like-minded farmers that work together openly to figure out how to improve and overcome challenges.”
- Andy Niner, Niner Wine Estates

Would you like to learn about the latest innovations in agricultural business and technology?

Volunteer Opportunities 2023

Volunteer Opportunities 2023

April 6, 2023

Come be our boots on the ground. Donate your time to help us put on the Sustainable Ag Expo and receive an all-access ticket to the two-day event.

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Secure Your Booth for the 2023 Sustainable Ag Expo - 75% are already claimed!

Secure Your Booth for the 2023 Sustainable Ag Expo - 75% are already claimed!

March 20, 2023

Booths at the Sustainable Ag Expo in November are going fast, 75% are already claimed!

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