Speaker Highlight: Dr. Pam Marrone
Speaker Highlight: Dr. Pam Marrone

Speaker Highlight: Dr. Pam Marrone

Dr. Marrone from Chestnut Bio Advisors is a featured presenter at the 2022 Sustainable Ag Expo. Her talk is titled "Biologicals for pest management and plant health – the latest on the market, new developments and grower adoption." California continues to restrict chemical pesticides, fewer new chemicals are coming to market and new pests and diseases spread. As such, along with pressure to increase sustainability, new pest management tools are needed. Many biologicals are registered and available as effective alternatives but there is still work to do on understanding how to use them based on their novel modes of action in integrated programs. Register now, you don't want to miss this!

Interested in more of Dr. Marrone's Research? Listen to her podcast.

123: What is Happening in Biologicals for Pest Management and Plant Health

Consumer demand for transparency and sustainability of their food system is leading to more and more agrochemical restrictions to address concerns for pollinators, noenicitinoids, and drift. Additionally, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investors are putting pressure on the chemical industry to improve its metrics. Pam Marrone, Founder, and CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations outlines the market, status, and potential for biologicals in this excerpt from our 2020 Sustainable Ag Expo.


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