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Sustainable Ag Expo Announces Dr. Michael McCarthy as 2018 Featured Speaker

Sustainable Ag Expo Announces Dr. Michael McCarthy as 2018 Featured Speaker

July 9 2018


Atascadero, Calif., — Sustainable Ag Expo is a three-day educational seminar held November 12th- 14th, 2018, highlighting the latest in farming research, resource issues, and business trends related to sustainable agriculture for farmers, ag professionals and pest control advisors.

This year’s featured speaker is Dr. Michael McCarthy, of the South Australia Research and Development Institute.  Dr. McCarthy is a world-renowned expert on the use of rootstocks to mitigate abiotic stresses, wine-grape clonal selection, soil management, the development of regulated deficit irrigation and partial root zone drying, the use of mulch for vineyard floor management and reclaimed water use.  He is also a professional grape grower in the Barossa Valley where he puts theory into practice in his own vineyard.

“It is an honor to have Dr. Michael McCarthy speak at the Sustainable Ag Expo this year,” exclaims Craig Macmillan, Technical Program Manager of Vineyard Team.  “Dr. McCarthy’s cutting-edge research on drought-resistance, climate change and plant breeding is practically-oriented with real-world advice that benefits growers around the world.”

California farmers face many challenges.  To meet these challenges, the Sustainable Ag Expo brings together experts from academia, government and industry for sessions on “Big Picture” topics such as: safety and labor regulations, invasive pests, climate change, irrigation system efficiency and maintenance and vertebrate pest management.  Other sessions delve into detailed technical, scientific and practical information on topics such as Integrated Pest Management, pesticide safety, powdery mildew, mealybugs and red leaf disease.

The expo features a robust lineup of more than three dozen exhibitors, with time during extended session breaks and at Monday’s Exhibitors’ Showcase where attendees have an opportunity to learn more about sustainable ag-related companies and the products and services they offer.

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